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The powerful engine and the high capacity of the tanks make the EVO2 ideal for speed skating ovals.

With a water capacity of up to 1,400 litres and a snow tank volume of 4.1 m, the EVO2 is the undisputed champion of large ice surfaces.

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Welcome a new generation of all-electric ice resurfacing machines: the Mammoth.

The WM Mammoth is tailored to the specifics of an ice stadium: the snow tank volume of 3 m and a water tank capacity of 1,000 litres mean that the machine is very compact and has a very small turning circle. This allows every ice surface to be resurfaced quickly, efficiently and without major manoeuvring.

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The Compact and manoeuvrable machine is ideal for small ice rinks and mobile ice rinks of up to 1,200 m.

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At a length of 3 metres and a height of 2 metres, the Pinguino is the smallest resurfacing machine in our range and was designed specifically for mobile ice rinks.

The trend towards mobile ice rinks is increasing; yet, up until now, treating them has been difficult, with no device on the market able to clean and prepare such small ice surfaces. WM ice technics has now come up with the answer - Pinguino!

The Pinguino boasts a further innovation: it is the first machine of its size that can efficiently plane the ice. The driver's front seating position is also unique. With its powerful and elegant design, this little Pinguino is capable of great things!

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ZÜKO eShark

Superb technology for an outstanding performance. Fitted with adjustable board guides, the edger is capable of surfacing the outer borders of the rink to millimetre-precision.

The edger is safe, robust, and easy to use. In transport position, the eShark can be moved easily by hand on its three wheels.

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