WM Mammoth - Technical specification

Wheelbase2.030 mm
Track width1.540 mm
Track radius4.300 mm
Turning radius4.600 mm
DimensionsLxWxH 4.300 x 2.220 x 2.520 mm
 LxWxH 4.300 x 2.420 x 2.520 mm
Ground clearance120 mm
Blade width2.100 mm or 2.300 mm
Motor5 asynchronous motors
Power rating29 kW
Battery standard80V – 450Ah
 Autonomy: approx 13 ice cleanings
 of 1.800 m² (standard mode)
Battery chargerFronius Selectiva 8075
 high frequency
 recharging time (at 80% discharge)
 approx. 6,5 hours
Battery charger connection400V / 16A 5-pole
Power consumption400V / 13A
Weight4.600 kg (basic outfit)
Water tank1.000 l
Snow tank3 m³
 compacted 3,7 m³
Transmissioncontinuously adjustable
 electric four-wheel drive
Hydraulic oil tank50 l
Speed0 - 13 km/h
Tires225 / 75 / R16 C with
 6 rows of spikes (240 pieces)
Wheel rims9“ x 16“ with hubcaps
ColoursIC 201 blue
 RAL 9006 silver-grey
 RAL 7016 grey

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Go it alone!

The WM Mammoth Auto Drive is a self-driving ice resurfacer that is equipped with a positioning system and is capable of completely resurfacing an ice rink without a driver. The machine simply covers the ice on a previously defined route.

The advantages are high-precision movement cycles and much smaller overlaps on the ice surface, reducing costs while getting the ice surface ready sooner. The time required for resurfacing the ice is known when the machine starts work, allowing you to optimise usage times.

The WM Mammoth Auto Drive is also fully suited for use with a driver.

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